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Avas Flowers FAQs

1. What are your business hours?
We are staffed regularly from 9AM to 5PM EST from Monday to Friday and operate with limited hours on the weekend. Our support staff is available to take calls after hours to try and assist you. Please feel free to email us or call if you have any inquiries.

2. If I place an order for an arrangement, can it be delivered on the same day?
Generally yes, we can accommodate same-day deliveries as long as the order is placed before 2PM local time. There will be exceptions to this as deliveries are dependent on the drivers' route, which varies daily. We will do our absolute best to accommodate your request. Our farm direct items in a gift box can not be delivered the same day.

3. What if the recipient is not home?
If no one is available to receive the arrangement, we will sometimes leave the arrangement at the door or we may have to contact the recipient to let them know of the delivery attempt and to see when the best time of delivery would be. If we do not hear back from the recipient, we will automatically schedule the re-delivery for the following day.

4. How do I know if my order has been delivered?
Visit our check status page to get the most up to date status Check Status. You can call 877.638.3033. A delivery confirmation is often sent via email, once the delivery has been made and it has been entered it into our system. In addition, you will likely receive a phone call from a thankful recipient!

5. How can an incorrect Delivery Confirmation occur?
Regrettably, on rare occasions, the delivery confirmation information is not accurate. We rely on FedEx, UPS and local affiliated florists to provide us delivery information and we initially simply pass this information on to our customers. In the event that we are notified of the possible inaccuracy, our team of dedicated customer service representatives will look into the matter and resolve it.

Some typical reasons for information being inaccurately reported are: driver simply entered the wrong order number as being delivered; the order was delivered to a security guard or receptionist; the delivery was left at a door or entryway that the customer did not initially notice; the delivery was placed at the incorrect location or address; the driver entered all of his deliveries when he returned to the flower shop and used a default time so the times are incorrect; the delivery agent anticipated delivery and indicated it was delivered just prior to discovering it was not deliverable and they failed to correct the mistake; floral designer intends to deliver on way home from shop and marks item as delivered because they will not return to the system to enter it however deliver could not occur for some reason; the item was stolen from the delivered location. While rare, we have seen many reasons however these are the most common.

Avas Flowers would never intentionally provide inaccurate information and we will do our very best to resolve any issues where there is a discrepancy in the information that was initially provided and what actually happened.

If you have not reported a problem and need to do so, please visit our Customer Support page and select the option, 'Where's my Stuff" by clicking here.

6. What benefit do you provide to your customers?
We add tremendous value for our customers through our decades of experience and carefully curated research on capacity, pricing, and local availability. We also leverage our long standing relationships to bring our customers great offerings with the best savings. With that vast knowledge base and buying power, we're capable of navigating localized fulfillment to help our customers get the best possible outcomes for their floral order. Read more about who we are and what we do.

7. Why are the prices at other florists so high?
Many florists buy in a small quantity and they pay very high prices for these flowers. A typical wholesale florist has a huge mark up when they sell to retail florists. Many retail florists also do very little volume, just a few deliveries a day. These florists are of the mindset that they need to make a lot of money on each order to be profitable so they charge high prices.

8. Why do your flowers last longer?
The typical retail florist buys flowers in small quantities from a wholesale florists inventory. This inventory may be up to 2 weeks old at the time of purchase! That retail florist may not turn over that inventory quickly either. Flowers do last a long time in a cooler but once taken out of that cooler for use when flowers are older they simply do not last. We bypass the wholesale florist-as we are one ourselves-so we buy direct from the farms. In fact we get our flowers delivered in cold storage tractor trailers! Many shops are stopping at a wholesaler in the morning picking up a box or a bunch of flowers! Our product is simply much fresher than what our competitors may be offering due to the way we buy and how we sell.

9. Can I specify the time of delivery?
We will do our best to meet your delivery requirements. Let us know what you are looking for in special instructions when ordering online or over the phone. It is not practical to specify an exact time however before 2PM. After 1PM type of requests we can usually meet. When it comes to schools, businesses and sympathy service times we understand the time sensitive nature. Sometimes weather, short notice and location can make your request not possible but we will make every effort to make you happy with prompt delivery. During busy holiday times it is very difficult and unlikely that we can meet requests for timed deliveries. We will do our best but it is simply not practical as the volume of orders does not allow for that type of service many times.

10. How much does it cost to have flowers delivered?
Avas Flowers has a delivery fee of $9.99 as well as a service fee of up to $32.99 for hand delivered florist orders and prices start at $39.99 for gift box delivered items. In the event that the delivery address is a remote or rural location, additional fees may apply and we will contact you to let you know. If we receive an incorrect delivery address, we may charge an additional service fee to reroute the arrangement.

11. What can I do if I am not happy with the flowers that were delivered?
In the unlikely event this happens be assured Avas Flowers will do our best to make you happy. We will pick up and redeliver another arrangement if you notify us within 24 hours of receiving the flowers. Our caring and experienced staff will ensure your satisfaction to the best of our ability. If the recipient keeps the flowers delivered and we are not given the opportunity to pick up and redeliver another arrangement we may not be able to issue a refund.

12. What if I don't have the exact delivery address?
If you do not have the exact delivery address, we will do our best to locate your recipient. However, unless we receive a physical address from the sender, we cannot be held responsible for inaccurate or misplaced deliveries. A phone number for the recipient in many cases allows us to locate the recipient.

13. Where are you located?
We are located at 200 Continental Drive, Suite 401, Newark Delaware.

14. Do you contribute or donate to local nonprofits and organizations?
Avas Flowers is a proud sponsor of many local non profits. We may be able to provide gift certificates for raffles for a dozen roses or entire boxes of 200 roses so your organization may do the floral centerpieces for a charitable event. If you are a non profit and would like to be considered for a donation kindly send us an email with your contact information, description of the charity, location of the event and date of the event and we will get back to you.

15. Additional Fees
Additional fees may apply for Saturday/Sunday Orders, Rush Orders, Lead Design, Custom Orders, Special Orders. Feel free to contact us if you have any special requests or would like a product or service not listed on our site and we will try to accommodate.

16. How Can the order get canceled after it has been placed?
Regrettably, on rare occasions, orders are placed and subsequent to the order being placed we determine that the order is simply not deliverable. Floral deliveries require fresh product and at times the product simply arrives in substandard condition. The flowers may be of poor quality, insufficient quantity or they can be damaged during shipment. Product that is expected simply does not arrive for various reasons. Floral designers, drivers and other staff may unexpectedly not be available for various reasons. Delivery vehicles may encounter repair issues, refrigeration of the product may be compromised, weather conditions may prevent transit or the weather may prevent leaving items at a location.
While rare, at certain points we determine that we simply are not able to provide the intended floral delivery service. This is done only after our dedicated team spends a lot of time and energy trying to find alternative solutions to overcome obstacles with that particular order. At that point, we issue a refund and inform the customer of such.
Bottom line is, if we could have delivered the item we would have. We understand that the customer wanted the delivery however we simply are unable to accommodate the requested delivery. We would never intentionally accept an order with the intent to cancel it. This is an outcome that fortunately is rare.

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